Our Story


We started in 2018 to make the first commercially available peanut butter rum.
After all, peanut butter is made with roasted peanuts, sugar cane, molasses or agave. Rum is made with sugar cane, molasses or agave.
A natural fit! We paired both rum and peanuts and launched our journey. 13 recipes and two years later, we humbly present PB Rum


It was important to us to make a great spirit without any harmful side effects from allergies.
Nut allergies have tripled over the last 20 years so we insisted on using natural and artificial peanut flavored extracts which were lab-certified as safe..
The result is a smooth, great tasting spirit providing us the confidence to deliver to you, your friends, and families the best experience possible!


Our mission was clear and simple from the start: Make a product we love and you TRULY enjoy. When all is said and done, PB Rum will only be remembered by how it makes YOU feel— nothing more.